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Keto Workshop Giveaway!!!

⚡️WEEKEND GIVEAWAY!! Jump in on this awesome offer! I am excited to give away 1️⃣ slot to my Keto Workshop ($149 value) which begins this Wednesday at 6:30pm. This is a 6 Week Workshop that will provide you with the tools and knowledge to get results internally and externally with Keto!! How to play?! You have the opportunity for 3 entries! -A 'like' gets you 1️⃣ entry. -Tagging 2 friends in this post gets you 2️⃣ entries. -Subscribing to For The Love of Fat gets you 3️⃣ entries and lots of recipes and tips to succeed with Keto 😉 Subscribe here ➡️ scroll to the bottom @ Raffle will take place next Monday at 10am.

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