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Metabolic Flexibility!

Nutrition today can be confusing. Eat more protein. Eat complex carbs. Don't eat carbs. Eat every 3 hours. Fast. It is easy to be lost with all of the advice out there. So what should we do?

Our bodies can be fueled off of 2 sources. . .Glucose or Ketones. Glucose is produced from eating foods that are Higher Carbs & Sugar and eating often. With this type of eating our blood sugar spikes and falls all throughout the day. Ketones are produced by eating High Fat, Moderate Protein, and Low Carb and spacing your meals. This allows our insulin to fall and blood sugar levels to stabilize. Allowing our insulin to fall is where the magic happens! Our body is then able to produce ketones, uses fat for fuel, and inflammatory markers improve! When these inflammatory markers improve, your overall health will improve: improved HDL, less joint pain, decreased body fat, increased focus, stable blood sugar!

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with medicine, but will cure and prevent disease through nutrition."

 Thomas Edison

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