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Spring Shred Challenge

Overwhelmed and stressed on wanting to lose fat and feel better, but don't know how to do it? So many programs exist, that it can make choosing what could be best for you hard. The  Shred Program and Challenge is here to help you weed through searching for that "perfect program" and to get you the results you want and to help you keep them. For our Program, we will be focusing on 5 areas of Health... 

  1. a Balanced Nutrition Plan

  2. Hydration

  3. Strength Training

  4. NEAT

  5. Lifestyle Modification + Stress Management


If you are ready to simplify your Fitness & Nutrition and to get those results, this Challenge could be for you! The Challenge will be 6 weeks long and will run from May 6th - June 17th.

The Details

✔️ Strength & Conditioning Workout plan to help you build Lean Muscle and lose Fat.

✔️ Balanced Nutrition Plan geared to help fuel your Workouts, improve Digestion, & give you Energy, and get you Results.

✔️ Instruction on how to build your Meals & Nutrient Timing.

✔️ Accountability and weekly recaps for the 5 Habits.

✔️ Access to a Supportive Online Community.

    *Private Facebook Group with great discussions and lots of tips!

✔️ Price: $99

✔️ Prizes: The winner will receive $150 and an entry to the next challenge!

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