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Spring 2020 has brought us unprecedented circumstances that have left many of us searching. Searching for clarity, for peace, for a sense of normalcy. One aspect that has been taken away from many is the gym. Obviously, I am a huge believer in the gym & fitness, but with our current circumstance, our focus for the journey with this challenge is so much more than physical. Each week you will be provided with a menu with recipes geared around minimal ingredients, at home workouts, and a weekly challenge that will help you find peace in this time. This challenge will run from April 6th - May 4th. 

✔️ Complete Low Carb Menu & Grocery List!

✔️ Strength & Conditioning Workouts to guide you at home! 

✔️ Tips on how to succeed with Healthy Eating & make it a lifestyle!

✔️ Access to a Supportive, Online Community!

*Exclusive, Private Facebook Group!

✔️ Overall Transformation Winner: $100

✔️ Price: $49

*$200 Value!


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