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Discover the vast benefits of Keto and how diving into this lifestyle can give you the energy you want, improve your health, and get you results!


Keto Uncovered is for you if . . .

✔️ You are ready to have increased energy & mental clarity!

✔️ You want to decrease inflammation & improve health!

✔️ You live a busy life and need food ideas that are easy & don't take a lot of prep!

✔️ You want results!


What will I get out of Keto Uncovered??? . . .

✔️ Weekly Recipes!

✔️ Weekly Grocery Lists for those Recipes!

✔️ Tips on getting started and succeeding with Keto!

✔️ Videos, help with goal setting, and mental training to help you succeed!


All this for $19.99

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My focus with creating Keto Uncovered is to teach people how easy and tasty it can be to live the Keto Lifestyle and to take the guesswork out of what is right and wrong with Keto so you can succeed!

I am passionate about Keto because of the internal and external results that it gets people! Internally, Insulin & Glucose decrease, Inflammation vanishes, Cholesterol levels improve! Externally, it is so fun to see how an individual's life can truly transform because of the results they get with Keto! Fat loss, increased energy, increased strength & endurance are some of the awesome benefits you can reap with Keto!

The options with Keto are endless and tasty! Caprese Salads, Egg Scrambles, Cheesecakes, Bulletproof Coffee are a few of my favorites! Often, I hear of people getting bored, not being satisfied, always being hungry with other eating styles...not with Keto! As we work together, I will guide you with tasty, simple recipes and will help you with your portions so you can get AWESOME results!

My health & fitness journey began at an early age. I grew up with parents that were conscious of what we ate and 2 older brothers that pushed me physically! I knew at a young age that I wanted to help others with this journey and to show them what they CAN do. As I have gone deeper into this field, nutrition has become a big passion for me. Today, I enjoy leading Keto Workshops and helping others succeed and feel great so that they can live fuller, richer lives. How we fuel ourselves can truly impact each and every area of our lives. Being bombarded with different nutrition viewpoints and sorting through what is right can be confusing. I am here to guide you!! I have been blessed to learn from some of the best in this keto field and am excited to share more with you!


For a year and a half, I have been eating using a keto lifestyle. I started using keto because I was looking for an eating style that I could sustain for a long period of time that would help me accomplish my goals to being healthy and able to participate in my hobbies (skiing, biking, outdoors, etc.) Since I have been eating a keto lifestyle, I have had increased energy, healthy blood tests, body fat % drop, and my fitness level improved. I find that I love the foods that are a part of keto (bacon, meat, cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, etc.). Ultimately, I am having success and enjoy eating the foods that are a part of a keto lifestyle! ~Miranda Young

I have struggled with diets and my weight my whole life, always trying to lose weight and drop inches. I started to do Keto back in May and honestly I was skeptical of this new "diet", but now it isn't a diet it is a way of life! I love cooking and with Keto you can be so creative, that you don't have you live in a box with limits on what to eat. I mean who doesn't love BACON and Cream cheese! I can see myself continuing with Keto for years to come. Kristen is very knowledgeable about Keto and the benefits it has when paired with your workout routine. She has truly changed my life and my family's life! I am forever grateful for her! ~Shay Rivera

I began my Keto lifestyle in January 2017 thanks entirely to Kristen at 970Muscle. Kristen’s vast knowledge regarding the total process of Ketosis and the requirements that the lifestyle entails made the process very easy for me and thanks to her I feel like a new person. Initially I took Kristen’s 6-week Keto workshop at which Kristen gave me all the tools needed to be successful in my transition to a Keto lifestyle. Because of Kristen’s knowledge, her support, and my new Keto lifestyle, I now have more energy, better mental clarity, I’m calmer and feel great all the time. With no more hills and valleys in my energy level I can give 100% during my daily workouts at 970Muscle and therefore now I am in the best shape of my life! I truly feel that Keto has changed my life for the better, and without Kristen’s guidance I know I would not have been successful, so thank you Kristen for all your help and support. ~Claudia McCaullum

A Keto lifestyle can seem daunting at first and for good reason.  It sounded to me like a crazy way to eat and seemed like I would have to shovel pounds of bacon and red meat and pork down my throat to maintain it.  This is absolutely not the case, in fact there are many days that my wife and I don’t eat any meat and when we do it is generally once a day and in small portions.  Salads and fresh vegetables, high quality meats and eggs, avocados, olives, fresh fish, delicious oils and amazing coffee are the staples of our kitchen.  A Keto lifestyle is not giving up anything except for the junk the body never needed in the first place. 


After two months I had lost about 20 pounds and was getting stronger at the gym and more focused during the day.  The greatest part for me was the ability to sleep through the night.  I hadn’t been able to just lie down and sleep through the night in 15 years.  With a Keto lifestyle I get to sleep in minutes, sleep through the night and am up before my alarm even goes off.  Having sustainable energy throughout the day was another benefit that I never thought would be possible.  There are no drops in energy and my focus is razor sharp throughout the day which has led to me getting much more accomplished at the office.


I am a firm believer that no one should ever just do what they are told but should work to question everything and find as much information as possible so that they can make informed decisions for themselves and understand exactly why they are doing what they are.  I did just this while I was working through the Peak Results Keto Workshop with Kristen and was impressed with how quickly and accurately my questions were answered and the amount of additional information that the workshop instilled.  I have recommended the workshop to many people who are interested in a Keto lifestyle and I doubt that there is anyone in the area that could put together a more comprehensive information base and partner it with as much personal investment and care as Peak Results has done. 

~Jesse Cahoon

Love Kristen and am so thankful for her fitness guidance and introducing me to the Ketogenic diet. I appreciate a diet that is sustainable and practical for everyday life, and this is what I get with Keto. In the first 6 months of Keto, I lost 25 pounds and have been able to maintain a healthy weight ever since. The best part of Keto? It's a diet lifestyle that my husband and I can both benefit from and enjoy. ~Missy Olson

All this for $19.99

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