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Weekly Grocery Lists & Menus coming your way!

Our focus with the Fuel Your Week Program is providing you with structure around meal time. Each week you will receive an E-mail on Saturday morning with 2 Breakfast Recipes, 2 Lunch Recipes, 2 Dinner Recipes, a Grocery List around these recipes and healthy tips on all things Nutrition, Wellness, and Exercise! If you are looking to learn more about healthy eating, this could be for you!

ALL FOR $25/month. Sign me up!


QUESTION 1: What type of nutrition are the recipes following? The recipes will follow a low carb, whole food approach. Our focus with this is to eat a variety of foods that fuel us giving us long term energy, helping with digestion, and that help us establish metabolic flexibility (the ability to effectively use fats & carbs for fuel).

QUESTION 2: Will the recipes be family friendly? YES! The recipes will provide your kiddos and spouses with a tasty variety of foods. Then, if they need a few more carbs, I will help guide you with ideas there!

QUESTION 3: What about portions/macros? As a part of the Fuel Your Week Program, your Weekly Email will provide you with tips on how to adjust portions according to your goals.

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