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9. Baby Cobra: Lying on your stomach, place your hands outside of your shoulders. Gaze at the ground and slowly lift your chest off the ground focusing on engaging your lower back and glutes. Hold for a count of 3 seconds before returning to the ground.

1a. DB Chest Press: Lie on your back on a flat bench. Focus on good posture and an engaged core even while you are lying down. With palms facing slightly in and dumbbells right outside of your chest, press fast up above your chest, then slowly lower down to the starting position.

1b. Lat Pulldown: With good posture, pull the bar or handles down to your chest, and squeeze your shoulder blades. Each repetition return to the starting position with your arms fully lengthened.

3a. Curl Burnout: Using Dumbbells, stand with feet shoulder width apart, good posture, and core engaged. Perform as many curls as you can at one time before resting and/or supersetting with your clams.

3b. Clam Burnout: Lie on your side with a band positioned above your knees. Slightly rotate your top hip down towards the ground, bend knees, and place ankles on top of each other. Open up spreading your knees as far apart as you can to perform 1 rep.

1a. Stiff Leg Dead Lift: Keep dumbbells at your sides. With knees soft, hinge from your hips and push your butt back. Focus on keeping a flat back throughout the movement. Return to starting position and squeeze those glutes.

1b.Walking Lunges: Focus on good posture and taking a big enough step that your front knee never passes your toe. Press through the front heel. As you gain strength and mobility in your knees, challenge the depth to the knee being 2 inches above the ground. Step forward bending your back knee towards through the ground. Return to starting position and take the next step with the other leg.

2a. Single Arm Dumbbell Row: In a tabletop position with your right knee and right hand on a bench, start with the weight in your left hand, arm fully lengthened. Pull/row the weight up to the side of your chest while squeezing and engaging that shoulder blade. Return to the starting position with your arm fully lengthened. Focus on keeping your chest out throughout this lift and having relaxed shoulders.

2b. Tricep Rope Pushdown: Set a rope on the highest cable position. Begin about 1/2 an arm's length away from the cable station. Pull the rope down and position your elbows at your sides. Push the rope all the way down engaging the back of the arm. Slowly return until arms are at 90 degrees and repeat again.

3a. Leg Curl Machine: Lying on your stomach, position yourself on the machine so that it rest on the back of your ankles. Lift/curl weight ALL the way up towards your glutes, then slowly lower back to the starting position and repeat.

3b. Tricep Extension: In an athletic position, place the weight in both hands behind your head. Keeping elbows tucked by your head, lower the weight behind your head, then in a controlled manner, lift weight straight up.

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