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The 2 Week Fasting Reset!

NO, we are not fasting for 2 weeks in totality. You will be guided through 3 lengths of fasts over 14 days . . . 16 hour length, 18 hour length, and a full 24 hour fast. We will not be fasting everyday, but will cycle it to get you your best results. You will learn what fasting does for you, how to determine how long to fast and for what benefit, and how to apply fasting moving forward. You will be provided with a few recipes each week and will be given instruction on what type of exercise to do for each day of the fast. If you are ready to reset your body, to gain results internally, and to shed some fat, this could be for you! The reset will begin March 9th and run through the 23rd!

*PRICE: $28

Reserve your spot today!

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