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Running Prehab Part 1

Running Prehab! Running uses specific musculature and demands a lot of these muscles and tendons, therefore strengthening and prepping them as you up your mileage is very important. Some areas we focus on in this video include: Hips/Glutes, Achilles/Calves, and Quads!

▪️Exercise 1: Glute Hypers: With feet apart, extend until legs are parallel to the floor. Squeeze those glutes at the top! Perform 3x15 ▪️Exercise 2: Down Dog Quad Activation: Start on all fours and position feet against the wall. Press your hips to the sky and fully lengthen legs and squeeze/engage those quads at the top. This one is harder than it looks ;) Perform 3x25 ▪️Exercise 3: Calf Raise: This basic exercise is so important for runners. Not only does it strengthen the calf muscles, but it also strengthens and stretches the Achilles. Focus on a tempo of 1 second up, 2 second pause at the top, 3 seconds down, 2 second pause at the bottom. Perform 3x15 ▪️Exercise 4: Jump Rope or Basic Ball of the foot jump: These exercises work on muscle tendon elasticity, which is important to prevent injury in runners. Focus on soft feet, little jumps, and landing on the ball of your foot. Perform 3x50

If you have questions on these exercises or race training, feel free to message me! I’d love to help you!

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