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Veggie Italian Salad

Who else is all about the great veggies right now? MEEEE! There is nothing like garden fresh tomatoes and herbs. For this recipe, we use it all! You typically would think Basil would be the main herb in this dish, but I chose Mint instead and it works and tastes AMAZING!!! Tip on the Mint or any herb: Stack all the leaves loosely, roll, and gently cut. This allows the flavor and juices to stay in the herb as opposed to going all over your cutting board! Throw this dish on a bed of greens and top with your favorite dressing. I added a lil mozzarella (just cause it was in the fridge ;)) and then topped with a yummy Balsamic Vinegar and Truffle Olive Oil!

✧ Veggie Italian Salad


-Mixed Greens

-1 Bell Pepper of your choice, diced

-1 Tomato, diced

-Avocado, diced

-10 Mint Leaves, sliced

-1oz Pepperoni, sliced

-1oz Salami or Pepperoni sliced

-Dressing of your choice (Primal Kitchens' would be great here or Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil)

-Salt & Pepper to taste

DIRECTIONS: 1. Slice all your veggies and deli meat.

2. Stack the Mint Leaves and roll loosely. Gently cut.

3. Mix all ingredients.

4. Throw all ingredients on a bed of greens.

*Serving: Guys: 3/4 Cup Veggie Mixture, add in 4-6oz Protein Source if hungry, load up the greens, 2 Tbsp. Dressing; Girls: 3/4 Cup Veggie Mixture, add in 2-3oz Protein Source if hungry, load up the greens, 2 Tbsp. Dressing.

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