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Chia Seed Pudding

🍴Derek and I’s new favorite healthy treat: Chia Seed Pudding!!!

How have I never made this?!

🍴Chia Seeds are packed full of nutrition; Omega 3s, Fiber, Healthy Fat, and Protein! Add your choice of toppings or sweeteners to make it your own! I chose to use Skinny Syrups Vanilla and Coconut and Legendary Foods Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Almond Butter.


-1/2 Cup Chia Seeds

-1 Cup Milkadamia

-2 Tbsp. Sugar Free Syrup

-Toppings of your choice; I topped ours with @legendaryfoods Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Almond Butter!


Mix all ingredients and let sit overnight. Chia Seeds will expand and become somewhat gelatinous! Mix again in the morning and enjoy!

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