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Chocolate Pudding

♦️Keto Chocolate Pudding

Derek and I have been craving a good chocolate pudding, but didn't want the added carbs from the "sugar-free" packets! This is an awesome option!! I mixed in Collagen Protein for added benefits!


-4 Knox Gelatin Packs

-2 Scoops Bulletproof Collagen Protein

-1 Cup Heavy Cream

-3 Cups Water

-2 Tbsp. Unsweetened Cocoa

-3 Tbsp. Erythritol

-6 Drops Liquid Stevia


1️⃣ Boil Cream and 1 Cup Water.

2️⃣ Pour Cream and Water in a 9x9 pan.

3️⃣ Pour Collagen, Gelatin, and Cocoa in and let dissolve and mix.

4️⃣ Mix in Erythritol and Stevia Drops.

5️⃣ Stir in 2 Cups cool water and let refrigerate for a few hours! ENJOY!

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