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I'm new to Weight Lifting, where should I start?

When designing a program for a beginner or an advanced lifter, I keep 6 base movements in all programs. These 6 movements are the foundation for building strength. They are able to be progressed upon. They get results. They help protect you against injury. Starting your Weight Lifting Program, I would encourage starting with lighter weights to help build up stabilizer muscles and prevent injury. After a solid 4-6 weeks of base building, do not be intimidated to challenge yourself with the weights! So what are these 6 exercises?!

1. Goblet Squat: Holding a dumb-bell vertically at your chest, have your feet shoulder width or a hair wider apart. With your weight in your heels and good posture, push your hips back and sit as low as you can!

2. Lat Pulldown: Sitting tall, with shoulders down and relaxed, grip the bar wider than shoulder width. Pull the bar down to chest and squeeze between your shoulder blades. Slowly lengthen arms all the way up to complete your rep.

3. Deadlifts:  Start with 

 feet shoulder width apart and knees soft. Hinge from your hips and push your hips back while keeping a flat back. Come all the way back to the starting position and squeeze glutes at the end.

4. DB Chest Press:

Lying on a bench, begin with weights outside of your chest. Press fast up without locking your elbows out. Return weights to the starting position and repeat!

5. Band Walks: 

Yes, these are not a typical lift, but I think they are SO important. Building the glutes, hips helps with back health, knee health, and getting faster and stronger. With the band above your knee, begin the exercise in an athletic position (knees are soft, core is engaged, shoulders are back). With your toes pointed forward, step laterally one direction for 15 steps and then the other direction for 15 steps!

6. DB Shoulder Press: 

You can perform this exercise seated or standing. Focus on engaging your core to protect your back. Start with the dumb-bells next to your ears, press fast up over your head. Do not lock your elbows out at the top. 

Beginning a Weight Lifting Program, I would encourage 2-3 Sets of 12 Reps of each exercise. After a solid 4-6 Weeks, progress with your weights and set and rep scheme. Have questions on these exercises or progression with these exercises, feel free to message me and I can help you!

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