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5 Reasons YOU should Strength Train!

Outside of nutrition, if their is one thing that I would advocate each individual to do to better their health, improve their moods/mindset, improve their body composition it is to Strength Train!

5 Reasons YOU should Strength Train!

1. Strength Training builds Lean Mass (muscle) and Lean Mass burns more calories at rest than fat does for you. When you build Lean Mass, the additional muscle requires additional energy (calories). Overall, this increases your Basal Metabolic Rate.

2. Strength Training improves your Bone Density, which protects you against Osteoporosis as you age. An article published in PT in Motion states that, "It was estimated that the beneficial effects induced by combined resistance training could contribute to almost 1.8% and 2.4% Bone Mineral Density gains for the hip and spine in postmenopausal women." Just imagine if an individual starts younger!

3. Strength Training improves your Hormonal Profile. Programmed appropriately, Strength Training can transform an individual's hormone profile, increasing energy levels, motivation, moods, etc. Strength Training plays a direct role in increasing Testosterone (women, we need Testosterone too) and HGH (Human Growth Hormone), decreasing Cortisol (stress hormone) and Insulin, and helps to control hunger hormones Leptin and Ghrelin, which let us know when we are hungry or full.

4. Strength Training is FUN! I truly believe that their is a form of Strength Training for everyone. Today, their is a plethora of options for Strength Training: Cross Fit, Orange Theory Fitness, Curves for Women, Gold's Gym, Smaller Studios, and Local Gyms. Within many gyms, their are communities of like minded individuals, who help hold each other accountable and become friends. If you are ever in Grand Junction, Colorado, come check out our gym 970Muscle and get a lift in!

5. Strength Training decreases stress and improves Brain Function. As mentioned above, Strength Training is awesome for decreasing the stress hormone, Cortisol. A study done with Harvard Health showed that Strength Training helps improve memory and retention for individuals with mild cognitive impairment! Other studies are indicating that lifting twice per week can even help increase/grow the white lesions in our brain, which help with overall communication!!

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