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3 Reasons to Foam Roll!

What is this foam rolling we hear gym goers talk about and how can it benefit me???

Foam rolling has many AWESOME benefits for all of us, whether we are avid hitting the weights, hitting the trails, or are just beginning our fitness journey!

3 Reasons for YOU to Foam Roll!!

1. Foam rolling breaks up your deep, tight connective tissue (myofascia) that can impede movement, flexibility, and sometimes cause injury! Common areas that the majority of us get tight and that can be foam rolled are: hip flexors, piriformis (deep glute muscle), calves, IT Bands, and upper back. When I foam roll these areas pre workout, I notice a big difference in my mobility and range of motion!

2. Foam rolling increases blood flow to the muscles, which helps with muscle repair, recovery, and mobility! When working a specific group of muscles in the gym, try foam rolling them pre and post workout to help with the blood flow!

3. Foam rolling relaxes you! After a long day, our muscles often carry a lot of tension. Foam roll a few areas before bed and notice that you are able to relax and fall asleep faster!

Give this a shot and I know you will feel better and your body will thank you ;)

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