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How can I prevent shin splints?

Being a runner and training other runners, it can be aggravating and so frustrating to be set back in your training because of shin splints! Fortunately, their are some basic exercises that we can put into place to help prevent and heal that pain!

Different things can cause shin splints, but commonly shin splints are caused by a weak anterior tibialis muscle. This is the muscle on the front of the shin that pulls the toes/feet up towards our head. Without proper exercises and awareness these muscles our often under utilized.

Other things that can cause shin splints include 1) Foot Wear: How long have you had the shoes you run in? Do they have good support? 2) Weak Feet: How often do you give your feet attention? Try the simple exercise of picking up socks with your toes! Sounds silly, but this strengthens those feet muscles! 3) Improper Gait (how you walk): Pay attention to walking with the weight in the ball of your foot, soft knees, and toes not flaring out or in!

With the basic exercises featured in the video above, you should see a reduction in pain and prevent those shin splints for the future!

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