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Barbell Complex Training

Barbell Complex Training is a great style of training for those in a time pinch or those wanting to challenge lungs and strength at once!

What is a complex? A series of exercises performed all together with a single barbell. All the reps are finished for one lift before moving onto the next and the barbell never touches the ground before the complex is done.

Give this complex a shot:

1) Front Squats: Focus on keeping your elbows high, chest out, and pushing your hips back.

2) Push Press: Focus on a strong core, hips back. Dip the knees and press the bar overhead.

3) Bent Over Row: Focus on a flat back and neutral spine as you row the bar towards your ribs.

4) Deadlift: Focus on maintaining a flat back throughout the lift.

Perform 3-4x10

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