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Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

Perfect for a lil afternoon or evening snack!



-1/4 cup nut butter

-5 tbsp. butter

-4 scoops Quest Multi-Purpose Mix

-1/4 cup granulated erythritol

-16 drops Stevia

-1 tsp. Vanilla Extract


-2 tbsp. Butter

-3.5 oz. Dark Chocolate


For the filling, microwave butter and nut butter together until soft. Stir in the remaining ingredients for the filling. With about 1/2 tbsp. of dough, roll into balls and place on a baking sheet. Freeze for 1 hour.

To prepare the outer coating, microwave the remaining butter and chocolate. Dip the frozen balls into the chocolate mixture and place back on the sheet. Freeze 1 more hour, then ENJOY!!!!

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