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Peak Results' Hacking Keto Workshop

48 HOUR SPECIAL!!! Jump in on this deal NOW!! Register for Peak Results' Hacking Keto Workshop in the next 48 hours to receive 1 month of Keto Uncovered FREE. Keto Uncovered will set you up with a foundation leading into the workshop! You will receive weekly recipes and tips from me to help you succeed!

Next workshop is coming up!!! If you are looking to take your nutrition and life to the next level this New Year, this workshop is for you! Couple pricing available! Reserve your spot today!
✳️Hacking the Keto Lifestyle: 6 Week Intensive Workshop!! 
✳️ -This Workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge to achieve increased energy, increased focus, fat loss, and improved health. I will be setting you up and guiding you with a meal plan, will be giving you specific tips and guidelines to succeed with keto, will be holding you accountable with logs and check ins, and will also guide you with a structured workout plan to get you results!
-This workshop will be held on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. beginning on Wednesday, January 3rd.
-Price: $149 or $219/couple for the 6 weeks.
-This workshop will be capped at 15, so reserve your spot today! 
-I would love to help you reap the benefits from a ketogenic lifestyle that have enhanced my life and many others' so much! 


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