Peak Results' Keto Fit Fall Challenge!!!

Are you looking for guidance getting into shape? Have you been interested in the Keto Diet, but don't know where to start? Look no further! Peak Results' Keto Fit Challenge will guide you with a Keto Meal Plan, Workouts, guidance through the Fall Months and an opportunity to win some awesome prizes!

Peak Results' Keto Fit Challenge will be a 6 Week Challenge running from September 23rd - November 1st.

✔️ Complete Keto Menu & Grocery List!

✔️ Strength & Conditioning Workouts to guide you! 

✔️ Tips on how to succeed with Keto & make it a lifestyle!

✔️ Access to a Supportive, Online Community!

*Exclusive, Private Facebook Group!

✔️ PRIZES!!!! 

*Overall Transformation: $150

*Drawing Winners: Legendary Nut Butters, Quest Nutrition

Cookies, KZ Clean Eating Musli, and more!!!

✔️ All for $75!

*$200 Value!

Why Keto?

I am passionate about Keto because of the internal and external results that it gets people! Internally, Insulin & Glucose decrease, Inflammation vanishes, Cholesterol levels improve! Externally, it is so fun to see how an individual's life can truly transform because of the results they get with Keto! Fat loss, increased energy, increased strength & endurance are some of the awesome benefits you can reap with Keto!


Hi, I'm Kristen,

My health & fitness journey began at an early age. I grew up with parents that were conscious of what we ate and 2 older brothers that pushed me physically! I knew at a young age that I wanted to help others with this journey and to show them what they CAN do. As I have gone deeper into this field, nutrition has become a big passion for me. Today, I enjoy leading Keto Workshops and helping others succeed and feel great so that they can live fuller, richer lives. How we fuel ourselves can truly impact each and every area of our lives. Being bombarded with different nutrition viewpoints and sorting through what is right can be confusing. I am here to guide you!! I have been blessed to learn from some of the best in this keto field and am excited to share more with you!

Reserve your spot today to begin your journey to better health and fitness!! For questions email Kristen at

August - October Challenge Winner

Here is his story:

Lost 36.4# and 20 1/2”
I’ve struggled with weight my entire adult life, but the keto diet is the one thing that has finally worked for me. For the first time I have been able to treat this as a lifestyle change and not just another “fad diet”. It has allowed me to focus less on my numbers and concentrate more on gauging my success by how I feel. The mental and emotion aspect of dieting has always giving me trouble, but I feel keto has finally set my mind free!

April - June Challenge Winner:  Meghan Woodland

Here is her story:
Statement of change:
In the beginning, we were asked to figure out our why. Why do we want to do this? In the beginning, my why included reasons like: I want to lose the baby weight. 
I want my dress pants to actually button. I want to fit into my jeans. I don’t want my back to have the “bra roll” showing. But as I started seeing these changes, my dress pants fitting pair by pair, and my weight dropping, I realized I needed a bigger why. These changes were wonderful, but I needed a bigger why to maintain my progress. I simply decided that I’m doing this for ME! Not my pants, not my jeans, and not my swimming suit. I’m doing it for my heart because I DESERVE IT! With being a busy mom, I deserve to focus on myself and get me healthy and happy with what I see. Now, I understand I just had a baby and I am by no means unhappy with my body. I am over-the-moon happy and amazed with whats it’s done, and the life it brought into this world, but I still want to feel confident in my changes. I have created early morning “me time” gym sessions/yoga sessions a priority and it makes the world of difference. 

Keto has allowed me to accomplish these changes without sacrificing things that I love! FOOD! I’m happy on this diet and I truly stay successful! This challenge wasn’t intended to get me to my specific goals, but more so to kick start my postpartum booty into gear. It’s a journey and I’m here to enjoy the ride. 

Not only have i been able to shed a little baby weight, but I have also grown as a mother/wife/cook. This challenge made me step outta my box and create delicious meals I know are fueling my body. I have been a happier, more energetic momma (even with an infant). And as my two girls grow, i hope they see my example and learn dedication, health, and self care. Just today my nine year old joined me in a yoga session. My heart exploded! 

I thank you for this opportunity, it was a fun journey!