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1a. Goblet Pause Squat: Holding a DB at your chest, push your hips back as you squat down. Make sure your weight is in your heels and knees do not move in. Once you reach your lowest position, hold for a count of 3, then squat back up. At the bottom, focus on maintaining a tight core.

1b. Wide Stance KB Deadlift: Have feet set wide, toes out. Hinge from your hips and push your butt back while maintaining a flat back. Return to the starting position and squeeze those glutes.

2a. Split Squat: You can choose to do this on a bench or with your back foot on the floor. Make sure your front foot is out farther enough that your knee doesn't pass your toe. Press through your front heel as you perform each rep.

2b. Band Walks: With a band above your knee, toes pointing forward, take lateral steps to the left...big step with your left foot, smaller step with your right foot to maintain tension. Perform all your steps to the left and then go to the right.

Tabata Conditioning: A tabata is a specific interval protocol where we perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds of all out on an exercise, followed by a 10 second recovery. For this tabata, we are stepping one direction and then jumping up. If jumping is not an option for you, squat instead.

1. Pallof Press: Connect a band to a pole at elbow height. Step out far enough so there is some tension on the band. Press straight out from your center line, so that your inside oblique is firing.

3. Plank Rockers: In an elbow plank position, alternate slowly drooping your right hip, then your left hip down towards the ground.

4. Glute Kickbacks: On all 4s, with a bend in each knee, kick 1 leg back at a time. Focus on engaging the glute and not arching the back.

2a. Underhand Rows: Position yourself on an incline bench. With palms facing up, pull (row) and squeeze between your shoulder blades, then fully lengthen arms back out. If you do not have a bench, perform this move standing in a bent over position.

2b. Laterals: Use a lighter weight. Stand with good posture, hips back. With a slight bend in your arms, lift the weights out from your sides. Focus on lifting from the elbow and not shrugging your shoulders.

3. Alternating Curl Burnout: With a dumbbell in each hand, elbows at your sides, alternate curling one dumbbell up at a time. Fully lengthen your arms each rep. We are doing high reps here for a burnout. Perform as many as you can, then rest and continue on.

1. Figure 4 Leg Raises: Lying on your back, cross 1 leg over the other knee. Place your hands either to your sides or under your lower back. Lift your legs up, focusing on the lower abs engaging.

2. Side Plank Reach Under: In a side plank position, reach your top arm under your torso. Focus on getting rotation in your torso (letting your shoulder close towards the ground). To make it easier, you could drop to your knees and have them stacked, then per

2a. Palms Down Rows: Stand with feet together, push your hips back and maintain a flat back. Start with arms long and palms facing down. Pull/Row up and squeeze between your shoulder blades. Then, return to arms being fully lengthened.

2. Clams: Peform with or without a band. If using a band, position above your knees. Start with knees and feet together lying on your side. Rotate the top hip down towards the ground as you push your knees/band apart.

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